Anafim celebrates Tu B’shvat

What a packed week celebrating Tu B’shvat! We spent the beginning of the week making recycling bins for our friends in Nitzanim and Shorashim. We repurposed planters that we had made for Tu B’shvat 5772 and decorated them using recycled materials. 20140116-104025.jpg





The Anafimers thought of so many ways to live in accordance with the idea of Bal Tashchit (“do not waste”) and spent time brainstorming how they would share their enthusiasm for Bal Tashchit with their friends. Throughout the week, as we tasted new fruits, baked, and planted, we kept in mind how we might do each activity in accordance with Bal Tashchit. Some ideas were silly, (did you know a banana peel could be used as a hat?), and others were difficult to carry out (can we use the leftover waste from fruits as fuel for our cars?), but others, such as composting, gave us really concrete examples as to how we can decrease the waste in our lives. Todah Rabah (thanks!) Anafim for sharing your commitment and enthusiasm with the Jewish Enrichment Center.





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