Nitzanim Builds an Etz (tree)!


One Nitzanimer starts to build an etz.


This week in Nitzanim, we deepened our exploration of  טייו בשבת (Tu B’Shvat) by continuing to build עצים (eitzim -trees), but also by talking about the different parts of עצים and what we love about them!


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We took care to build our עצים (etzim – trees) with שורשים (shorashim roots), ענפים (anafim – branches), and ניצנים (nitzanim – buds), so that we could better understand our kevutzot (groups)!

We also discussed what we love about trees!  Nitzanimers decided that they loved that trees gave us oxygen, פירות (perot – fruit), shade, and things to climb on!  We’re excited to be more kind to the trees and to start using the fantastic recycling bin Anafim gave us.



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