Welcome Back to Nitzanim

Photo Jan 07, 2 43 46 PM

Looking outside to figure out what colors עצים (etzim-trees) are in חורף (choref-winter).

This week in Nitzanim, we started to get ready for בשבט ט”ו (Tu B’Shevat)!

Photo Jan 08, 4 34 28 PM

To celebrate the new year for the trees, we made made a whole lot of עצים (eitzim -trees), thinking about their different parts and what they look like in different seasons.


Photo Jan 08, 3 55 44 PM

We even worked together to make one large עץ (etz – tree) out of recycled materials. The עץ (etz – tree) below is a strong trunk full of seeds and water to help it grow! In the next week, we’re excited to deepen our exploration of how to be kind to trees.Photo Jan 08, 4 39 54 PM

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