Welcome Back, Anafim!

After a long and snowy break, Anafim is excited to be back at the Jewish Enrichment Center! With Tu B’Shvat just around the corner, Anafim has begun to think carefully about how we celebrate and preserve our natural resources. The Jewish idea of Bal Tashchit, (בל תשחית) the prohibition to waste, has been our focus. We started by examining the biblical prohibition of destroying trees even when besieging a city. We then looked at how The Rabbis interpreted this idea of Bal Tashchit to include all destruction of property. We in Anafim started to think outside the box as we brainstormed ways we could act in accordance with Bal Tashchit. One child began to think of ways to make driving a car more environmentally friendly, could we power the car with fuel derived from leftover food? As we brainstormed we devised a plan of action. Firstly, we began a recycling program as we looked through our Doar (דואר= mail) boxes. We have big plans to share our commitment to recycling with the rest of the Jewish Enrichment Center!



Anafimers work on decorated using the materials from our recycling bin!

Anafimers decorate using the materials from our recycling bin!


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