Shorashim Begins to Explore Tu B’Shevat

This week Shorashim began exploring Tu B’Shevat, the New Year (or birthday) for the עצים (etzim – trees)!  First we decided to make some עץ (etz – tree) decorations for the classroom in honor of Tu B’Shevat.  Morah Naomi made an outline to guide us and we used pastels to color it in.  Coloring in those lines was super tricky and required a lot of focus and dexterity!
Photo Jan 07, 5 11 56 PM
There was some debate about which צבעים (tzevaim – colors) the עצים (etzim – trees) were outside: there were talks of  לבן (lavan – white), חום (choom – brown), ירוק (yarok – green),  צהוב (tzahov – yellow), even אדום (adom – red)!  In order to figure out which צבעים (tzevaim – colors) were on the עצים (etzim – trees), we went downstairs and looked outside the big glass doors.  We saw חום (choom – brown),  לבן (lavan – white), and ירוק (Yarok – Green).
Photo Jan 07, 3 22 07 PM
In Yetzirah we used eye droppers as a tool for water colors to fill in some natural fabric with צבעים (tzevaim – colors) that we see in nature in winter.
Using the eye dropper tool really worked out fine motor skills since we had to first squeeze it to suck the color up, then carefully carry it to an open spot on the fabric and squeeze it again to release it.
Photo Jan 07, 4 05 46 PM
Finally, we played a new משחק (mischak – game) called Find It!  Morah Esther held up פירות (peirot – fruit)  and we had to name its tzeva (color) and find something else in the room that was the same צבע (tzeva – color)!  Then we להרים (l’hareem – raise(d)) what we found!
Photo Jan 07, 4 53 50 PM

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