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Tu B’Shevat is coming! And at the Jewish Enrichment Center this week we’ve been thinking of ways to celebrate the holiday and honor the earth.
But this post isn’t really about the upcoming holiday. I’m happy to say this blog post is about the kindness of our children and their eagerness to teach each other new things. Even after a long winter break they remembered Hebrew words, were excited to learn more and excitedly raised their hands to share ideas with their friends.


Photo Jan 07, 2 45 54 PM Photo Jan 07, 2 44 49 PM IMG_4930 IMG_4929
In Nitzanim, ideas were shared about how to mix colors to get brown or purple. Other children shouted discoveries they made with their painting techniques to which their peers asked “What?! I want to see! Can I come look at what you did?” They all got up from their seats and gathered around the girl artist with oohs and aahs.


In Shorashim, they shared ideas of what colors we could see outside during the winter season, and considered each other’s feelings. One Shorashim girl really enjoyed painting with the blue water color to create the sky, others were painting with green for “pine cone trees”, and black for night sky or the road. When it came time to switch colors, a Shorashim boy suggested “I’ll work with a different color. I don’t think [Shorashim girl] would like it if I painted with her blue, right [Shorashim girl]?” He decided to ask for brown for the tree trunk, as to not take her job of painting the blue sky.


Photo Jan 08, 4 37 41 PMPhoto Jan 08, 4 36 10 PM
And lastly, in Anafim, ideas for recycling were flying! After naming several ideas for reducing waste and repurposing materials, they collaborated on a sign spelling Bal Tashchit (a concepts based on these text from the Torah and Rabbis).

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