Shorashim Knows Their Colors!

This week Shorashim practiced their צבעים (tzevaim – colors)!  We did a lot of work matching objects of the same צבע (tzeva – color), such as the אדום (adom – red) match a Shorashimer is working on here!

Photo Dec 15, 11 00 57 AM


In Yetzirah with Morah Naomi we identified different צבעים (tzevaim – colors) on the big rug.  Here friends are hopping from כתום (katom – orange) to כתום (katom – orange)!

Photo Dec 16, 4 12 02 PM


In order to determine which צבע (tzeva – color) to find, we spun a giant arrow!  Here we are getting ready to find צהוב (tzahov – yellow)!

Photo Dec 17, 3 55 54 PM


We made meals to match some of our new “friends” in Shorashim like Mr. ירוק (Yarok – Green)…

Photo Dec 15, 11 09 55 AM


…and built houses for them like the one here for Mr. כחול (Kachol – Blue) and two of his friends.  Can you guess who?  Hint, they are very picky and only like things that match their צבע (tzeva – color)!

Photo Dec 16, 4 50 46 PM


We even sorted our אותיות (otiyot – letters) magnets by צבע (tzeva – color)!  Here friends sort them by putting some סגול (sagol – purple) magnets in the proper section.

Photo Dec 15, 10 04 42 AM


We even found the צבעים (tzevaim – colors) on our hopscotch, calling out each one as we jumped across the board.  Here one friend calls out ורוד (varod – pink)!Photo Dec 15, 9 48 56 AM


On Sunday we shared our space (and they shared theirs) with Anafim.  They helped us with some of the צבעים (tzevaim – colors) that aren’t in the rainbow such as לבן (lavan – white), חום (choom – brown), and שחור (shachor – black).  Here you can see the mixed ages playing an updated version of our snowball toss game from last week.

Photo Dec 15, 10 04 11 AM


Now that you know all of your צבעים (tzevaim – colors) [did you notice that you were learning just by reading the blog post?], you can practice some Hebrew together at home!

Have a wonderful Winter Break!  See you in 2014!

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