Dec 19

Nitzanim & Tzeva’im (Colors)

Nitzanim has been coming up with awesome ideas for bringing light to other people, the Jewish Enrichment Center, and 5200 S Hyde Park! Lately they’ve made cake and delivered the goodies with a message “We made these for you! We thought it would bring light to you!” They also made an Alef-Bet chart and a How to Wash Your Hands chart for the bathrooms. Most recently, Nitzanim thought making signs for the Anafim door and the Shorashim door would bring light.

First they decorated the letters to spell Anafim and Shorashim. Then, they painted the backgrounds of the signs.
For this we needed watercolor paint and maybe even some new tools! It was so exciting to see what they can do with tools they rarely use, like eye droppers and their mouth! Don’t worry, they weren’t eating paint! We discovered that if a drop of tzevah is placed on the paper and then we use our mouth to blow a gust of air, the paint will move around on streams of tzevah! It came out looking something organic like branches (anafim) and roots (shorashim). Perfect!



We had a great time during this project making a mess, trying new techniques, teaching our friends and mixing colors! Even some beautiful accidents occurred!









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