New Nitzanim Hebrew Challenges

This past week in Nitzanim we’ve been having fun with some brand new עברית (Ivrit-Hebrew) challenges, all about צבעים (Tzvaim – Colors)!

Photo Dec 16, 2 35 34 PM

Here, Nitzanim learns about their new challenge!  They need to match the צבע on one card with the שם (shem – name) of that צבע on the other.

Photo Dec 16, 2 39 29 PM

Thinking hard about which one to choose!Photo Dec 16, 2 35 02 PM

The boy in the picture above is matching the word on his card to the צבעים chart on the wall, and then sounding out the word!  We have a match!


Photo Dec 11, 4 11 10 PM

We also challenged ourselves to put sticks with all of the צבעים on them in the order of a קשת (keshet – rainbow).



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