Stories in Anafim


As the absolutely spellbinding story of Rivkah winds up in Anafim we have branched out to other stories that either relate to our Rivkah story or are just plain enjoyable! Every Tuesday when all 12 Anafimers attend, we begin our time at the Jewish Enrichment Center with Z’man Boded, time for each child to be alone with his or her thoughts and relax after a long day at school. Children have the chance to curl up with a book from our expanding library in a nice cozy spot in Beit Anafim and ready themselves for a day filled with exploration. After reading a book, the children then share their book recommendations with the other children. Some books are AWESOME and some are pretty good, some children tell their friends that the best part of the book was EVERYTHING, and some children share specific favorite moments. We have quite a selection of books in Beit Anafim and the Anafimers have begun to find their favorites and share the power of stories.

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