Shorashim Counts in Hebrew!

This week Shorashim had lots of practice counting in Hebrew through many different activities.  One of the most popular activities was hopscotch!

Photo Dec 08, 9 15 52 AM


The challenge was that you had to say the numbers in Hebrew as you jumped on them.

Photo Dec 08, 9 30 19 AM


Shorashim had winter in mind, playing “snowball” games in which we either tossed the “snowball” into a numbered muffin tin and named the number it landed in…Photo Dec 08, 9 50 27 AM


…or we filled each cup with the matching number of snowballs.


Photo Dec 09, 5 09 48 PM


Some friends decided to count all of the snowballs!  There were 57!

Photo Dec 08, 10 48 44 AM


We found that we could count many other things around Beit Shorashim using our number knowledge.  Such as “guards” protecting a structure…Photo Dec 10, 3 32 28 PM


…food in the מטבח (mitbach – kitchen)…

Photo Dec 08, 9 48 29 AM


…or stars we hung up on the wall!Photo Dec 10, 3 58 55 PM


There’s no telling what we can do with our building Hebrew vocabulary!

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