Rivkah Theme Finale! Join Us!

The Anafim children have finished all of their yetzirah projects for our Rivkah theme, and we can’t wait to show them off!
Join us on Sunday, Dec 15th at 9am to explore the Jewish Enrichment Center children’s ideas, quotes, drawings, sculptures and pictures of them in action!
Here’s a teaser! An Anafimer boy sketched Rivkah’s two sons Ya’akov and Esav. Notice one has a check mark, one has an X. He wanted to express how Rivkah and her husband Yitzchak favored one child over another. “I think she could have been more motherly. Same with Yitzchak, he could have been a better [father].”

Come on Sunday to see his and 11 other children’s final portraits of Rivkah!

Also, don’t miss the extraordinary clay sculptures of Rivkah which evolved as the children learned more about her through the stories!


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