On Bringing Light Where it is Dark

This Hannukah we talked a lot about bringing light where it is dark and using our Hannukah נרות (nerot, candles) to help us.

Photo Dec 04, 5 51 55 PM

Nitzanim drew pictures of how each of us could bring light where it is dark and together we built a beautiful חנוכיה (channukiah) to share with the rest of the Jewish Enrichment Center. 

Photo Dec 04, 6 28 30 PM

We had lost of ideas, here are a few:

“A way to bring light is to be kind, and say kind things. For example, do not hit or punch. I drew someone being kind and saying hello to someone else.”

“I bring light to my mommy and daddy by hugging them, and giving love to my family.”

“A way to bring light is to light the candles of a menorah. Then put them in the window and other people would see them. That would make them happy!”

“ When I grow up I want to work as an animal rescuer and help them. That would bring light. Or, when I am older I would donate money to animal shelters.”Photo Dec 04, 6 28 50 PM

“I will bring light to my grandma by giving her money, so she can buy food and cook. That would make her happy!”

“I’m drawing two cats playing. It makes them happy to have another cat to play with. Another way to bring light is to light a candle because it shines.”

“I drew a lion. I want it give it to someone. It’s more fair if they have a pet animal too. If no one had an animal in the whole world it would be worse.”

Photo Dec 03, 4 48 21 PM

Don’t forget to check out the drawings up close in the Kehilah Room when you come for Shirah-Tefilah!

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