Chanukah is Coming to Shorashim!

Shorashim geared up for the upcoming start of Chanukah this week with many different Chanukah themed activities.

Photo Nov 26, 3 53 32 PM


We did some dreidel spin art with Morah Naomi in Yetzirah.



We got a little more creative with our Chanukkah art and used not only dreidels, but נרות (nerot – candles) as well.  You can read more about the project in Morah Naomi’s post below.

Photo Nov 26, 4 04 18 PM



At the art table pictures of different Chanukkah scenes, from frying latkes to lighting the chanukkiah, inspired the children’s artwork.

Photo Nov 24, 9 16 36 AM



Photo Nov 24, 9 43 04 AM


Over in the מטבח (mitbach – kitchen) we were frying up some latkes!

Photo Nov 24, 9 25 04 AM



Some Shorashimers decided to host a Chanukah picnic!  They even “cut” the latkes to make sure there were enough to serve everyone.

Photo Nov 26, 3 49 13 PM


In the building center we had miniature pictures of different Chanukah objects such as latkes and chanukkiot for children to include in their structures, such as in a house for a favorite stuffed animal so that he too can take part in the Chanukah traditions.

Photo Nov 24, 9 35 56 AM


We also found a new creative use for Wiki Sticks: to decorate a chanukkiah…

Photo Nov 25, 4 59 52 PM


…or to make a chanukkiah!

Photo Nov 25, 3 07 32 PM



We even joined Anafim for a Chanukah themed משחק (mischak – game) in which we used our bodies to make the shapes of different Chanukah items such as נרות (nerot – candles) …

Photo Nov 25, 4 31 58 PM



…and dreidels!  Here you can see the different stages: some are tall and spinning, some are starting to fall, and some have already fallen!

Photo Nov 25, 4 35 29 PM


Stay tuned to find out what other Chanukah activities we’ll get up to in Shorashim now that Chanukah is finally here!

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