Why Do We Eat סופגנייות (sufganiot, donuts) on Hannukah?

Photo Nov 17, 9 17 38 AM

In Nitzanim we dove into Hannukah this week, with lots of new things to explore and create. A highlight, for obvious reasons, was making סופגנייות (sufganiot, donuts) together on Tuesday.

The children had some interesting ideas about why we might eat them on this particular winter holiday:Photo Nov 17, 10 52 19 AM

  • “They’re like presents and you can give them to other people.”

Photo Nov 19, 5 22 39 PM

  • “As a reward for cleaning up the temple.” (i.e. when the Maccabees cleaned up the Temple in the Hanukkah story.


  • “Because the oil  lasted eight days.” (Referring to the story of oil miraculously lasting 8 days while the Maccabees cleaned the Temple) Photo Nov 19, 3 32 20 PM
  • “As a prize for beating the army!” (Referring to the armies that fought each other in the Hannukah story.)

Drop by the Kehila Room (where we have Shirah/T’efillah at the end of each day) to see more about what we’re doing for Hannukah, including lots of art work from Nitzanim!

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