Shorashimers Become Maccabees

This week in Shorashim we got inside the story of Chanukkah by becoming Maccabees.

Photo Nov 17, 9 53 19 AM


First, we made Judah Maccabee shields.

Photo Nov 17, 10 51 38 AM


Many Shorahsimers were excited because the nickname of Maccabee (meaning hammer) reminded them of some of their favorite superheroes.

Photo Nov 17, 10 43 05 AM


Whether we were superhero fans or not, every Shorashimer agreed that anything by the with the nickname “Hammer” was someone you probably would not want to mess with.

Photo Nov 18, 3 31 03 PM


We made our own shields like Judah and his Maccabees carried to protect them from Antiochus’ soldiers with some plates, crayons, and tape!

Photo Nov 17, 9 52 19 AM


We helped build and “rededicate” our own version of the ancient Temple in Jerusalem, just like in the story.

Photo Nov 17, 9 53 55 AM


Many of our friends worked hard to build a Temple as beautiful as the one in Jerusalem.

Photo Nov 17, 10 39 59 AM


It may not have had gold or silver, but it had stained glass windows, and a special door for frogs!

Photo Nov 17, 10 44 46 AM


In Yetzirah, with Morah Naomi, we made dreidel decorations with watercolor.

Photo Nov 18, 4 17 06 PM


We colored in all of the sides of the dreidel, eve if the might lose chips if we landed on the letter (shin anyone?).

Photo Nov 19, 4 05 06 PM (1)


We can’t wait to embark on more Chanukkah explorations next week!

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