Sharing the Chanukah spirit in beit Anafim

As the winds of Kislev (the month on the Hebrew, lunar calendar) blow and Chanukah approaches, the air in Beit Anafim is filled with anticipation and excitement. This past Tuesday we sought to bring the Chanukah magic into Beit Anafim. That feeling when the sun has set and you are safe inside gathered with your loved ones. Morah Naomi prepared a beautiful Chanukah banner from contact paper that the children filled in with tissue paper to create a stained glass effect. Earlier in the day we shared our Chanukah memories: playing dreidle, lighting the candles and saying the prayers, one girl even shared her memory of when her hair caught on fire! So after a full day of exploration we gathered as a group near the window, put up our Chanukah banner and reveled in the security and warmth of our Anafim community. Morah Hinda read a story and we relaxed, breathed deeply, and let the spirit of Chanukah wash over us.










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