Clay Portraits of Rivkah (2nd Story, Genesis 25)

Today the Anafimers finished their latest clay portrait, the portrait of our character Rivkah in the second story (Genesis 25).

Several of them started off illustrating how Rivkah felt when “the two brothers struggled inside her” as an Anafimer quoted from the text. Dramatic pictures were taken of the Anafimers acting like Rivkah in such scenes, and they looked at these pictures for reference.

IMG_3511 IMG_3514 IMG_3512

“Nothing has changed, really, for me since last week.” Girl 1 explained as she focused more on the expression of Rivkah struggling while pregnant, instead of illustrating her new opinions of Rivkah.

Boy 1 chose to depict her with her “eyes barely open, and with a tiny smile; it’s barely a smile, because this is a trick face.” He has been wrestling with this idea of Rivkah’s character being “generous and happy” in the first story, and now in the second story having “a trick or two up her sleeve”.

Boy 2 had a desire to create a huge smile on Rivkah’s face but couldn’t explain why, since she was also “angry and hurting a lot”.

…We continued….

Then, on the last day of work for the story 2 portraits, a few Anafimers changed their mind about details of Rivkah’s face, her age, how she felt and even their opinions of her.


Girl 1: “Rivkah is giving birth to Esav and Ya’akov. She is really hurting. Her mouth is open because she’s like ‘Why?!’ I made a talking bubble because I thought it was a cool way to describe her.”


Boy 1: “Rivkah is happy but also surprised. She is surprised because when God told her ‘two nations are struggling inside of you’, she was confused. But at this point in the story, she started to understand, but she’s still not quite sure whats happening. It’s like a mix of things.”


Boy 2: “I made a big smile because she’s scared. She is trying to hide how scared she is. She’s doing an okay job, but I can still tell she’s scared because I made her eyes big.”


Stay tuned for our next installment of clay portraits…

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