Signs of Hanukkah in Shalom Chaverim

The children in Shalom Chaverim busied themselves preparing for Hanukkah this week.

Children had the chance to explore playdough and Hanukkah candles.


“It’s Hanukkah! See the candles!” observed one Shalom Chaverim child. As we worked, we counted our candles in English and Hebrew.


Then there were Hanukkah stamps to explore. Children are beginning to catch on to the process of tapping a stamp onto an inkpad first, and then onto his or her paper– we are learning to understand cause and effect.


Children are also beginning to identify many of the Hanukkah images– one child announced “It’s Hanukkah! Look at the Hanukkah!” while other children helped provide the words– Hanukkiyah, dreidel, gelt.

We finished our explorations of Hanukkah together with baking. The children worked together, measuring and mixing flour, milk, butter, sugar and egg to make batter for baked sufganiyot.


We topped off our treat with a dab of frosting

And just a pinch of Hanukkah sprinkles.


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