Nov 15

A Very Special Day

Some days are just magical.

We grown-ups set the stage for exploration. We consider children’s questions and ideas, and choose materials that through their exploration will let children take their ideas farther, deeper.

And children explore. Alone, with friends, with new materials, with familiar materials. With the whole day to explore, children can choose how to spend their time: what is most gripping to me? When they’ve gone as far as they want in that area, they move on. And when we grown-ups have set out interrelated exploration opportunities that are just right, a child’s exploration in one area will influence his/her understanding in another. We grow, children and grown-ups together.

A Special Day is carefully constructed to foster our growth. And yet, when it all works – the materials, the children, the grown-ups interacting to grow our ideas and our connections with each other – it is magical. What a very special day we had together.


Making Chanukah cookie dough.

Making Chanukah cookie dough.

Our Theme: Chanukah reminds us that our job is to shine light where there is darkness.


My Light is Special

I have a special light that’s all my own that I can bring to the world.

Photo Nov 08, 2 25 33 PM Photo Nov 08, 2 50 43 PM

The נר Ner (Candle) Sign

The ner sign means it’s time to bring light to make darkness go away! This flashlight reminds me of my job to bring light where there is darkness.

Wearing my flashlight so I'm ready to shine light where there is darkness.

Wearing my flashlight so I’m ready to shine light where there is darkness.

Photo Nov 08, 2 31 08 PM

The נר Ner-Mobile

The ner-mobile includes everything necessary to respond when the ner signal is flashed.

Photo Nov 08, 2 43 40 PM Photo Nov 08, 3 07 39 PM

Tell A Story

Stories of using light to make darkness go away.

Photo Nov 08, 2 39 50 PM Photo Nov 08, 2 21 32 PM

What a very special day!

Photo Nov 08, 12 06 17 PM

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