Nitzanim is Kind During Mischakim

This week in Nitzanim, in addition to reading the third story in our saga of Rivkah, we have been working how to be kind to one another during Mischakim (games).  We are learning how to listen to the מורות (morot – teachers) when they explain the rules, how to keep our גופים (gufim– bodies) to ourselves, and how to ensure that everyone is included and having fun!  Over the past few weeks, Nitzanim has gotten better at playing together safely, so we decided to play a group Mischak (game)!  The Nitzanimers la’rutz-ed (ran), likpotz-ed (jumped), and lalechet-ed (walked) at different speeds, מהר (maher – fast) and לאט (le’at – slow).  When the morah yelled out different אותיות (otiot – letters), the Nitzanimers would stop and form them, either together or in their own space.  We’re excited to keep building on these skills for future mischakim!


Three Nitzanimers work together to make one large ot out of their bodies.

Three Nitzanimers work together to make one large ot (letter) out of their bodies.

A shin!

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