Exploring Chanukkah in Shorashim

Chanukkah is right around the corner, and Shorashim is getting ready.  This week we focused on familiarizing ourselves with some of the objects and traditions associated with Chanukkah.



One of the most popular, as is with many Jewish children around the world, were the dreidels.

Photo Nov 12, 5 19 20 PM


Nearly every Shorashimer got a kick out of seeing how long they could get their dreidel to spin for, a real fine motor skill.  We got to try it out with both the big dreidels…

Photo Nov 11, 5 01 02 PM


…and the more difficult to grasp tiny dreidels.

Photo Nov 11, 2 41 42 PM


Some Shorashimers learned how to play the traditional dreidel game with chips.

Photo Nov 12, 5 17 12 PM


When it lands on נ (nun) you get none, ג (gimmel) you get all, ה (hay) you get half, ש (shin) you have to put one back in the pot.

Photo Nov 11, 5 01 56 PM


Playing with the chips gave us a lot of practice counting in Hebrew!

Photo Nov 12, 5 19 16 PM


We got even more counting practice with the chanukkiah.

Photo Nov 11, 2 41 09 PM


It was tricky keeping our numbers straight: we had a lot of discussions about how there are 8 nights of Chanukkah, but 9 spots for נרות (nerot – candles) since you need the shamash to light the rest.

Photo Nov 11, 3 57 26 PM


We even made our own chanukkiot by coloring popsicle sticks with dot paint…

Photo Nov 11, 4 05 16 PM


…gluing the sticks onto a piece of paper…

Photo Nov 12, 4 18 06 PM


…and tearing up little pieces of tissue paper for the flames!

Photo Nov 12, 4 23 29 PM


Morah Naomi put magnets on the back of our chanukkiot so they can be put up at home and be used like a real chanukkiah each night of Chanukkah!

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