Genesis 25:19-34

Genesis 25:19 – 34

Yitzchak was 40 years old when he married Rivkah. For many years, they had no children. Yitzchak prayed to God for his wife. She became pregnant with twins, who struggled with each other inside her.

Rivkah cried out to God, “What is happening to me?”

God told her: “Two nations are inside you, one stronger than the other. The older one will serve the younger.”

When Rivkah gave birth, the first twin came out all covered with red hair, so they named him Esav, which means “hairy one.” The second twin came out grabbing his brother’s heel, so they named him Ya’akov, which comes from the word meaning “heel.” Yitzchak was 60 years old when they were born.

Esav grew up to be a hunter and loved the outdoors. Ya’akov was a gentle man, who stayed close to the camp. Yitzchak liked meat and therefore loved Esav, but Rivkah loved Ya’akov.

Once when Ya’akov was cooking lentil stew, Esav came home hungry from the fields.

Esav said to his brother, “Give me some of that red stuff, ‘cause I’m starving!”

Ya’akov said, “First sell me your birthright.”

Esav replied, “Look, I’m gonna die! What good to me is my birthright?”

Ya’akov said, “Swear to me first.”

So Esav swore an oath handing over his birthright to his brother Ya’akov. Then Ya’akov gave him bread and lentil stew to eat.

So Esav rejected his birthright.

Making a fire pit to use in dramatic play.

Making a fire pit to use in dramatic play.


One interpretation of Esav.

One interpretation of Esav.


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