Rivkah Dramatic Play in Shorashim

There’s no better way to help you understand and remember a story than to tell it yourself.  We did just that in Shorashim this week by bringing the first story of Rivkah to life through dramatic play!

Photo Nov 03, 10 07 17 AM


Instead of one scripted performance, children were given the opportunity to come in and out of the story as they pleased as it was told and retold throughout the week.  They worked with their friends…

Photo Nov 04, 3 08 42 PM



Photo Nov 03, 10 07 38 AM


…and sometimes even a favorite stuffed animal (he’s wrapped in the sweater)!

Photo Nov 05, 3 54 33 PM


We made use of many different materials in the classroom to help us really feel like we were a part of the story.  We made costumes out of scarves and sweaters.

Photo Nov 03, 9 54 02 AM


And you can’t forget the jewelry we made last week!

Photo Nov 05, 3 46 40 PM


Our desert backdrop set the scene, and our גמלים (gamalim – camels) from Yetzirah were always thirsty for pretend מים (mayim – water) from our bucket well.

Photo Nov 03, 10 03 20 AM


We had a ton of fun acting out the story of Rivkah in Shorashim this week!  We look forward to more exciting explorations next week!

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