Putting it all in order in Anafim

As you might remember, our Anafimers were super proud of the character wall they created of the Rivka story. When we added a second story to our knowledge of Rivka (and activated previous knowledge from years past) it became clear we were going to need to expand our character wall! Not only did we add characters, but we also (with help from Morah Naomi) created a family tree on the wall in Anafim of the biblical characters, Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Rivkah, Jacob and Esau!


Children eagerly helped place the characters they had created on the tree and even had comments about how to order the characters. We had comments such as “Let’s place Esau closer to Isaac because the story tells us Isaac loved Esau more.” Such parts of the story also generated a lot of questions for the children in Anafim and we have hung up some particularly perplexing questions that the children are pondering over. If you have a chance come check out our family tree and question wall!


Amidst our exploration of Rivkah we have also been making strides in out hebrew work. Below is a sampling of photos of the children and their hebrew challenges. It was hard to capture faces as they are bent over in extreme concentration!

Photo Nov 03, 9 18 00 AM

Photo Nov 03, 9 23 54 AMPhoto Nov 04, 3 43 49 PM



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