Let’s Bottle It Up & Take It With Us

How can we capture a feeling and share it in a blog post?
I’d capture cooperation: how children felt as they listened to and incorporated each others’ ideas to create a fire pit out of collected sticks and leaves; how children felt as they cooked lentil soup together; how children felt as they worked together to drag tables and chairs, pour water, and rush to make sure tables were set for our community; how children felt as they shared ideas about Esav and Ya’akov to create skits.
I’d capture pride: it felt so good to work together to create a fire pit that one girl said, “Can we do it again next time?”; the smiles as children watched their younger siblings come in, sit at the tables, and eat the food they had prepared; how wonderful the soup and pita tasted that we had made!
Photo Oct 29, 3 12 47 PM
I’d capture connection: children’s conversations as they shared highlights of their day over lentil soup and pita; parents and children snuggling; deepening friendships, relaxing, enjoying being together.

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