Working towards goals in Anafim


a child looks in the מילון (dictionary) to find a word that begins with the same letter as his שם (name)

We had an exciting week in Anafim cooking lentil soup on Tuesday for the entire Jewish Enrichment Center. We also prepared skits of different versions of our second רבקה story. Even with all of the thematic activity we found time to work towards the hopes and goals we articulated earlier in the year. Many children wanted to build their knowledge of עברית (Hebrew). We have set up stations and activities all over the room that allow the children to engage in all sorts of Hebrew exploration. Check us out!


a child creates a hebrew word search


children write their שמות (names) using torah script letters


a child works on a words search for the Hebrew שמות (names) of the characters in the רבקה (Rivkah) story


children choose hebrew letters from the basket and think of words they know that begin with the same letter. They then discover new words in the מילון (dictionary)

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