Shorashim Makes a Desert and Jewelry



On Sunday we finished making our גמלים (gamalim – camels).  But we realized that a classroom is no place for them to live!



גמלים (gamalim – camels) live in the desert, where the story of Rivkah takes place.  With Morah Naomi’s help, we created a desert backdrop for our classroom!Photo Oct 29, 3 54 42 PM


First, we had to mix our צבעים (tzevaim – colors) to match those in the desert, exploring color theory.

Photo Oct 28, 4 13 27 PM


In order to mimic the texture of the desert, we experimented with atypical media.  We painted bubble wrap…

Photo Oct 28, 4 07 53 PM


…and stamped it onto the paper.

Photo Oct 28, 4 10 09 PM


Wow, it looks like sand!

Photo Oct 28, 4 10 28 PM


Now that we’ve got the setting for our story and some of the animals present, we can begin to look the part.  We made shiny jewelry just like Rivkah received in the story!

Photo Oct 29, 3 12 56 PM


We used colorful crayons…

Photo Oct 29, 3 24 14 PM


…and tape to decorate our jewelry.

Photo Oct 29, 3 33 34 PM


Some friends wrote their own שמות (shemot – names) on their jewelry.

Photo Oct 28, 3 16 26 PM


Then one friend decided to make jewelry for his favorite stuffed animal.

Photo Oct 29, 3 22 30 PM


We discussed that this was more like the jewelry that Rivkah received in the story because she didn’t make it for herself, it was given to her as a gift.  Like in the story, friends decided to make jewelry to give to people who were important to them, like their parents and siblings!  How generous we are in Shorashim!

Photo Oct 29, 3 28 53 PM

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