Working בְּיַחַד (B’Yachad, Together) = So Many Ideas

As we move onto our second story of Rivkah, we need more props. This Tuesday Nitzanim told the Morot they need a “fire pit” / “stove” (“but like one from the olden days”) for the scene where יעקב (Ya’akov) makes stew. We looked at pictures of different camp fires, fire pits and out door ovens to get ideas and inspiration. Sitting in a circle, it was awesome to see each child share their idea our what their fire should look like while the others really listened, taking it into consideration when it was their turn to share by adding, agreeing and responding.
Next, we needed to find our materials outside. It was a beautiful day and we got some great pictures of the Nitzanimers hunting down sticks that were just the right size for fire wood, turning fall leaves into the colors of flames אדום כָּתוֹם צהוב (adom red, katom orange, tzahov yellow) and swapping stories of the last time they went camping and made a fire for s’mores.






All of this great brainstorming paid off when we headed back to yetzirah to build our fire! I was gleaming to see the children once again show amazing respect and kindness, and even excitement to share their ideas with one another! One at a time they shared an idea of how to build the fire. And then it began! With lots of back and forth, they worked בְּיַחַד (b’yachad, together):

“let’s put the stones in a circle like we saw in the pictures” … “yea that way it’ll stop people from walking in the fire”


“Oh this is too small” … “The sticks and all the leaves won’t fit in” … “Everyone push the rocks back a little”




“Now what?” … “Let’s do a pile of leaves then sticks” … “No, sticks then leaves” … “Let’s do some leaves then the sticks then like leaves again so they’re on top and bottom” … “Yea because when ever I make it, the fire comes from the bottom… below and inside the wood” … “Yea that way we can all agree”




As you can see, it was a pretty awesome day in Nitzanim, and they thought so, too! “That was fun” a girl said smiling “can we do that again next time?”

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