Oct 30

Nitzanim Wrestles with the Story of Ya’akov and Esav

In Beit Nitzanim this week, we’ve introduced the second story of Rivkah, where Ya’akov and Esav are born.  One Nitzanim girl was particularly concerned with the line that says “Yitzchak liked meat and therefore loved Esav, but Rivkah loved Ya’akov.”

Girl:  “One of the 10 Commandments is love your parents. But in the story the parents only like one of their kids. Kids are sorta like parents, only they’re not in charge. So why don’t the parents like both their kids?”

Boy:  “Maybe one looked like the other?”

As we learn more about the story, we hope to continue exploring answers to this question.  In the mean time, we’re going to get to know Yaakov and Esav better, by  exploring the differences between them.

Nitzanimers color the differences between Yaakov and Esav.

Nitzanimers color the differences between Yaakov and Esav.

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