Learning about Shabbat in Shalom Chaverim

In Shalom Chaverim this week there were many new things to explore! There was a lot of interest in our new “sticky window.” (A piece of contact paper spread over the window.) Children arranged and rearranged Shabbat objects and even practiced sharing challah and candlesticks with one another.


In addition to the flat representations of Shabbat items on the window, we explored some real objects as well. Children talked about grape juice, and had the opportunity to smash grapes with their fingers or tools.


There was grape juice as well, to smell and feel and move from one cup to anther with a pipette. We even made our own challah covers to take home for Shabbat. The children had the opportunity to mix and blend colors of paint together, and some children worked on this task with great focus for almost twenty minutes!



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