The יום רביעי (Wednesday) Project

On יום רביעי (Wednesdays), Anafim is a smaller group- three to be exact. This allows us to dive deeper into the content, our questions, and different kinds of exploration that would be a less possible with a group of 12 excited and eager children.
So we set out to do a portrait study of Rivkah (some would say, the main character from our story). This is a long-term project and at times will be more of a process piece (rather than all emphasis on the final product).

Morah Hinda showed the Anafimers images of old masters’ paintings where objects were placed around, or in the hands of, the subject of the portrait. The objects symbolized the subject’s interests, attributes, etc. And so, as the Anafimers sketched their Rivkah portraits, we encouraged them to use this technique to help visually describe Rivkah.
Another complexity is in the mix! A conversation flowed through this yetzirah activity “Who is Rivkah?” Some said “She is kind.” … “She is courageous.” … “She is generous.” In the story we are reading, Rivkah is portrayed as a kind and generous woman who welcomes and gives water and food to her visitor and his camels. But!… In the weeks to come, we will read two more stories about Rivkah and the Anafimers opinions of her just might change! We will see…



Until then, we are expressing how we see Rivkah in multiple media. The sketch portraits were transferred into clay and the Anafimers began a “clay relief portrait”. We will intentionally keep the clay wet through out this long term project, and as their options of Rivkah change so too will their portraits.



LOTS more to see! Stay tuned!

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