Shorashim Continues To Explore the Story of Rivkah

Now that everyone in Shorashim has heard the story a couple of times, this week we were able to explore the story of Rivkah more in depth.


We began to personalize the story by coloring in illustrations made by our own Morah Naomi.

Photo Oct 20, 10 00 18 AM


This task allowed children to explore their creativity by taking charge of what color each character and the various items in the picture would be.  It additionally challenged children’s coordination as they worked to color in the lines.


Photo Oct 20, 11 02 36 AM


Children were able to pick the part of the story they wanted to help illustrate, getting a review in the basic story plot as they went through the different options to make a choice.


Photo Oct 20, 11 02 42 AM



Then in Yetzirah with Morah Naomi, we began to make our own camels out of egg cartons!


Photo Oct 22, 3 53 44 PM




Children were allowed to mix their own paint to make the צבע (tzeva – color) they thought was best for their camel.


Photo Oct 21, 4 15 05 PM


Threading the tail through the body of the camel was definitely the trickiest part as it required a lot of focus and coordination!


Photo Oct 22, 3 50 32 PM


Finally, we were able to connect the story to the famous book it comes from: the Torah.


Photo Oct 22, 4 57 56 PM


We went with Nitzanim into the chapel and looked for key words from the story in the parsha such as “Rivkah” and “Lavan.”  Can you find it below?


Photo Oct 22, 4 58 30 PM

Nitzanim helped us find the words, and we all got to help point with the yad and experience Torah reading first hand.

We can’t wait to explore the Rivkah story more next week!

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