Presenting…Rivkah at the Well!

This week, Nitzanim set out to perform the first story about Rivkah! After a few days of practicing, here are some clips from their performances:


Some used puppets we made…

(Here, the girl on the left is Avraham and the girl on the right is Avraham’s Servant.)


Some used costumes…

(The boy in the red shirt is Avraham, the boy in the blue shirt is Avraham’s Servant, and the girl at the end is Rivkah)


…And at the very end of the day, our friends in Anafim came to help us out! 

(The boy at the beginning is Rivkah, the girl in pink is Avraham’s servant, the rest of the girls are גמלים (gamalim, camels), and the boy at the very end is Lavan.)




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