B’Yachad (Together)

Shorashim (ages 3-4) and Nitzanim (ages 5-6) explored so many things ביחד (b’yachad – together) on Tuesday!

(Because Jewish community isn’t composed of just a single age group. Folks of all ages gotta figure out how to come together with our different values and skills.)

B’yachad, we made pretzel dough.

"It's sticky!"

“It’s sticky!”

B’yachad, we made Hebrew letters. It was hard! So we shared (b’yachad) what we figured out for making letters.IMG_6305

B’yachad, we looked for the names of the characters in our story (Genesis 24) in the Torah.


And yes, b’yachad, we ate our alef-bet pretzels and tried to guess what letters we ate!

What letters do you see?

What letters do you see?

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