Baking Challot

The Shalom Chaverim room smelled amazing on Sunday! We learned all about challah, starting with an exploration of some of the tools used to make challah. Some children made measuring and stirring motions, and several chose to try on a mixing bowl as a hat.



Then there were ingredients to stir, and measure, and explore. We sniffed yeast and added it to warm water to watch it foam. Then we stirred flour and salt and water.


There was lots of stirring to be done.



Everyone who wanted to took a turn mixing our dough with a tall spoon. It’s challenging work for little hands, but we are growing and developing fine motor strength and control! Then there was dough to explore, and sugar and cinnamon to add to the top…


And finally, after baking the challah for a very, very, long time, we prayed and ate challah together.


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