Cinnamon Rolls for…Shabbat?

On our Special Day (יום מיוחד), we explored the Shabbat spice. (Here’s one version of this Talmudic story). What makes Shabbat so special? What’s the special Shabbat “spice?”

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And what does Shabbat have to do with cinnamon rolls?

“Since cinnamon is one of the spices that we put into the בשמים (b’samim – spices).”

“Because the smell is sweet and Shabbat is sweet and it reminds me of Shabbat and of the sweet things that we eat on Shabbat. And the whole week!”

“It reminds everyone of Shabbat!”

“Cinnamon smells good!”

“And I love the challah my mom makes!”


Our Fast Cinnamon Rolls Recipe. Let us know what you think!

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