Whats New, Team Anafim?


After spending last week fact-finding and really getting to know the story of Rivkah and the text of the Torah, we continued our journey this week by focusing on the characters of our story. What kind of people are they? What do they wear? How do they behave? Our Tuesday capped off with dramatic performances, using the desert backdrop we had created. 20131017-092219.jpg




Along with our Rivkah explorations we are moving full steam ahead in our routines and Hebrew learning. There are so many exciting changes that being in Anafim brings: new jobs, new כיבוד (kibud – snack) routines, and a very special addition to Beit Anafim, a structure for adding to our hebrew vocabulary. This is child-initiated, Hebrew only time. Silly commands, excited giggles, and new Hebrew words are getting the ball rolling for a year of continued Hebrew growth! We can’t wait!







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