I love our Special Days. Spending the whole day together lets us spend long periods focusing on a single project, if we want.

And he wanted to. He got to spend TWO HOURS working on a בשמים (b’samim – spices) bag for havdalah, taking breaks when he wanted. (We smell spices at the end of Shabbat so we’re not quite as sad about the Shabbat being over.) This boy couldn’t’ve been happier. He was VERY proud of his work.

Children smelled many herbs, and made their own personal, sweet-smelling blend to go in their bags. This boy carefully chose only cinnamon sticks: “because I like cloves, but I don’t like them together.”

He drew a “guy and he’s using magic and he made a Shabbat candle (right side) and a havdalah candle (colorful braid, center) with his magic. The havdalah candle isn’t lit yet.”

On the other side of the bag, he wrote the word בשמים (b’samim – spices).



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