Different Age Children Discuss Rivkah & Yitzchak

In the room: a grown-up, and four boys, ages 8, 7, 5, and 4.

We’re reading the end of Genesis 24, when Rivkah is about to meet Yitzchak for the first time. She sees him from afar, gets down from her camel, and puts on a veil.


8-year-old: What is a veil?

Grown-up (motioning): It’s a cloth you put over your face. You can see through it.

7-year-old: What did she do that?

8-year-old: To look sexier.

Grown-up (a bit surprised, and wondering what the other children understand): Why did she want to do that?

8-year-old: Because she wanted him to like her. She was going to marry him.

4-year-old: Yeah, women wear it when they get married.


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