Week 2 in Shalom Chaverim!

Lots of fun was had in Shalom Chaverim this morning! The children are beginning to feel a bit more comfortable in the classroom and are getting to know one another.

We started with a bit of dot painting: some children were very thoughtful about the placement of each dot, while others completely covered their section of paper!




Then, parents and children worked together to create their own Shabbat tables. Children chose whether or not to include some silly things on their tables, like a hazeer (pig) or a dino (dinosaur) and could also add some more typical Shabbat objects, such as neirot (candlesticks).



Then, we all visited the playground together, where we were excited to find more shabbat objects hiding!


The children were excited to find some of the same objects outside that we are learning about in the classroom.

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