What’s New in Shorashim

There’s a lot of new things going on in Shorashim including materials in the classroom and Hebrew use!


Photo Oct 08, 2 29 02 PM

We’ve got a brand new white board on the wall!  Now we can put all of our אותיות (otiyot – letters) magnets in one place!

Photo Oct 07, 5 04 37 PM

We can create patterns of similar אותיות (otiyot – letters) and stack them up in tall towers vertically, or create horizontal letter patterns, demonstrating that we’re recognizing that writing goes from side-to-side.


Photo Oct 08, 3 06 13 PM

We can create different shapes with our אותיות (otiyot – letters) as we explore and find those with matching shapes.




Next is our שולחן עברית (Shulchan Ivrit – Hebrew Table) with many different examples of Hebrew writing straight from Israel!  We’ve got all different materials from a box of Cheerios, to a movie ticket, to a McDonald’s receipt: all in Hebrew!  These items provide Hebrew print samples that are in familiar forms and create more meaning for the children in terms of seeing a real-life use of Hebrew on items they are used to seeing with English writing.


Photo Oct 08, 4 24 59 PM


Additionally, we are learning our colors!  Some Shorashimers embarked on a spontaneous color hunt!  Here one student is showing that the back of the picture is לבן (lavan – white).  We noticed many other לבן (lavan – white) items such as the clouds in a picture, the white board, and even Morah Esther’s shirt!


Photo Oct 08, 4 26 50 PM

Here students point to different items that are כחול (kachol – blue) in this number puzzle.


Photo Oct 08, 5 12 52 PM


Even without a color hunt, many students can easily name their favorite color in casual conversation.  Here one student is informing his fellow Shorashimers that he is going to use the אדום (adom – red) tape next because it is his favorite.


We’re excited to come up with more uses for our new white board, and see how many more Hebrew words we can begin to use in conversation in the coming weeks!

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