Imagining Rivkah

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As we introduced Genesis 24, our first story about Rivkah in our new theme, the Nitzanim spent a lot of time imagining and asking questions. First, we found the story inside of the Torah and took turns pointing to some names or letters that we recognized.

Then, we focused on the scene where Avraham’s servant arrives at the well, asks for a sign, and then meets Rivkah. After he meets her, she gets water for his camels and he gives her gold jewelry. Here are some images and questions the children came up with as we read:

“I was imagining the gold, and I was wondering how much gold it was.”-Kindergartener

“I imagined that he [Avraham’s Servant] was holding a pouch of jewelry that he was giving out.”-1st Grader

“God was there at the well.”-Kindergartener

“I imagined that the camel was light brown and the well’s bricks were this tall [motions with her hand a few inches above the ground] and grey and thats it.”-1st Grader

“The camels were sitting by the well and the nice girl was coming while he was talking.” -Kindergartner

“I was wondering, like, does God control what we do?”- 1st Grader.


We can’t wait to take these vivid images and tough questions further next week.

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