Nitzanim & Their New Story: Rivkah

This week in Yetzirah, Nitzanim dove right into the story of Rivkah! They showed excitement over the new characters and plot and all the possibilities of projects and plays! But first things first, we want to make sure they know the story like the back of their hand. So the Morot set out to tackle the story, breaking it into 7 scenes, with illustrations for each.
On יום שני (yom sheni– Monday), Nitzanim worked together to bring the illustrations to life with color. Photo Oct 08, 2 19 27 PM Photo Oct 08, 2 15 19 PMPhoto Oct 09, 4 23 07 PMThen we worked together to put them in order (“Which scene comes first?”…). It was a good challenge, but a quick one! And so, they were ready for the next step!


On יום שלישי (yom shlishi– Tuesday) after carefully reading the story, a brainstorm session produced a great, long list of props, backdrops and  costumes to make. So once again, zeman yetzirah! They smocked up, and went to town on this huge white paper! In no time it was covered in sand-like צבעים (tzeva’em) with designs resembling blowing wind, and light and shadows by using tools like bubble wrap, “scrapey-things” and their yadayim (hands), of course!

Photo Oct 08, 3 08 50 PM Photo Oct 08, 3 09 02 PMPhoto Oct 08, 3 12 27 PM

Photo Oct 08, 3 12 05 PMPhoto Oct 08, 3 12 25 PMPhoto Oct 08, 3 13 45 PMPhoto Oct 08, 3 13 52 PMNow Nitzanim has a desert background for dramatic play. I can’t wait to hear their ideas of what to make next!

Have I mentioned how messy the sinks and countertops get when swarmed with little 4 and 5 year olds who have paint up to their elbows?! Well, this group in Nitzanim noticed … and it was a self-prompted cleaning frenzy!

Photo Oct 08, 3 19 32 PM“Look at our desert hands!”…

Photo Oct 08, 3 23 19 PM“Try not to dirty it too much because we’re cleaning!” … “Get the soap over here! Hurry!” … “First we’ll clean, then we’ll dry!” …

ui798“Let’s clean! Let’s keep going!”







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