Rivkah: Genesis 24

We’ve just started a new theme at the Jewish Enrichment Center: רבקה (Rivkah – Rebekah). Our first theme of the year is usually based on a story from the Torah.

Here are the translations we’re using to explore Rivkah. As we move into the next set of stories about Rivkah, I’ll post those texts, too.

We make our own translations, trying to keep close to the language and cadence of the original Hebrew, while taking into account children’s developmental ages and understanding of the world.

1. Genesis 24

2. Genesis 24 for young children (nursery)

Here are two drawings made by Morah Na’omi we’re using in our explorations.


Rivkah waters the camels of Avraham’s servant.


Lavan (Rivkah’s brother) and Rivkah’s mother ask Rivkah if she wants to go with Avraham’s servant to another land, where she would marry Yitzchak.



Want to know more? Here are some of the core Torah concepts we’re working on by exploring three stories about Rivkah:

  1. The Torah is special to the Jewish people, and I help keep the Torah special.
  2. Jewish people have read and interpreted the Torah for centuries, and we take part in this interpretive community.
  3. My relationship with the Torah can grow and change as I grow older.
  4. The interpretation of Torah varies through time, across communities, and within our own Jewish Enrichment Center community. I can interpret the Torah differently than my peers.
  5. We try to let the Torah have its own voice before adding our own interpretations or those of the classical rabbis.
  6. The language of the Torah echoes through our lives, in ritual, prayer, and Modern Hebrew.


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