Why We Think It’s Important to Learn Hebrew

This week, in preparation for setting a hope and goal for the year (something they’ll work hard to achieve), I asked every Anafimer why s/he thinks it’s important to learn Hebrew. Every one of our second and third graders was so thoughtful. Here are some of their amazing answers (totally unprompted! really!).

  • If I didn’t take Hebrew I’d want to anyway.
  • I am a Jew, my family are Jews, my relatives are Jews, my ancestors are Jews, why not learn Hebrew if everyone else does.
  • Because you’re Jewish; that’s the appropriate thing to do.
  • It’s just fun!
  • You might go to Israel one day.
  • When I have my Bar Mitzvah I’ll be ready.

Working on a Hebrew challenge. Sometimes hula hoops are essential for learning Hebrew!

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