Shorashim Explores Hebrew Letters


Shorashim embarked on a lot of אותיות (otiyot – letters) exploration this week using a variety of materials to help us investigate their different shapes, sizes, and patterns.

Photo Sep 29, 10 39 09 AM

Some friends used the puzzle mat by linking the frame pieces together and matching the individual letter pieces with the right frame, working our fine motor skills as well!

Photo Sep 29, 10 41 01 AM

Some friends explored letter magnets, creating patterns and identifying matching אותיות (otiyot – letters) .


Other friends used the stencils to create their own letter sets.  One friend in particular pointed to the first letter in his שם (shem – name) and said, “That’s me!”


We practiced creating the shapes of particular אותיות (otiyot – letters) using Wikki Sticks.


One of the most popular materials were the linking אותיות (otiyot – letters) , in which patterns could be made not only flat on the floor…


…but also in 3-D shapes!  These little manipulatives in particular are difficult to put together and take apart, so they are a real fine motor skill builder!

Photo Sep 30, 4 37 57 PM

We also helped put אותיות (otiyot – letters)  that were decorated by the Shorashim and Nitzanim in the order of the אב (aleph bet – Hebrew alphabet) to place on display in the Jewish Enrichment Center!

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