Settling Into Routine in Anafim

As the holidays wind down, we in Anafim have been settling into our routine. We are reviewing the routines we know from previous years and adding in new responsibilities to our קהילה (kehillah- community) job chart.


We began the week with special ivrit challenges and finished up the week identifying goals we want to work towards.


Photo Oct 01, 4 54 34 PM

THere is even time for some goofy exploring of the new ivrit dictionaries we have in our room. (He’s demonstrating the word מוזר – which means “strange!”)

Photo Oct 01, 5 23 23 PM

Our fascination with ivrit has led to a new interest in the loop-dee –loops of the script letters. Sitting at the shulchan ivrit and copying the script letters with special writing utensils is really cool!

Photo Oct 01, 3 03 27 PM

Photo Oct 01, 3 16 55 PM

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