Making our Rooms Beautiful

This week, our kevutzot (groups) created decorations to make our environment at the Jewish Enrichment Center beautiful!

Shorashim talked about the story of Avraham, noticing his welcoming nature and beautiful tent. And so, this sparked the idea to make our “tent” (the Jewish Enrichment Center) beautiful, too! The Shorashimers started off by my coloring אותיות (ot-i-ot, hebrew letters) of the א-ב. After Morah Na’omi cut them out, a boy and girl Shorashimer worked really hard to put them in order, using a chart to match the אותיות (ot-i-ot, hebrew letters)! Photo Sep 30, 4 37 57 PMPhoto Sep 30, 4 38 34 PM


Beyt Nitzanim, (which is focused on the calendar year, months and seasons) needed some decorations, too! We split the Nitzanimers into 4 groups (one for each season) and asked them “What do you see outside during this time of year?” “Leaves… all colors!” “Snowflakes and snowmen!” “Flowers!” “It’s hot in the summer, we need a big sun! Its so hot sometimes I sweat!” The Nitzanimers had lots of ideas for how we could decorate the 4 corners of Beyt Nitzanim to represent the 4 seasons of a year. Snipping, glueing and painting started in a frenzy– and some Hebrew writing, of course!

סתָיו (staav, fall)

חורף (chor-ef, winter)

אָבִיב (a-vev, spring)

קַיִץ (ka-etz, summer)Photo Oct 01, 3 10 55 PM


Photo Oct 01, 3 10 38 PMPhoto Oct 01, 3 16 41 PMPhoto Oct 01, 2 15 38 PM Photo Oct 01, 2 17 16 PM



Our new א-ב, created by Shorashim, is mounted in the women’s bathroom upstairs, and Nitzanim has posted their seasonal decorations in Beyt Nitzanim. Come by and take a look next time your on Hyde Park Blvd!

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