Welcome to Shalom Chaverim!

This Sunday in Shalom Chaverim was a great time for making new friends! Children and families spent our time together getting to know one another and beginning to learn about Shabbat.


We had the chance to explore a play kitchen and set a table for a Shabbat dinner. Watermelon and cookies were served, along with the challah and juice.


Then there was painting to be done, as children explored paint in primary colors to make a display of their shemot. Initially children explored the paint with brushes, but as they worked many became more comfortable with the paint and plunged in with fingers and hands.



We explored Shabbat candlesticks together, first just with our fingers and then with our eyes as well. We talked about how the metal candlesticks felt “cold” and “hard” in our hands, and then children had to opportunity to fit candles into the candlesticks, a challenge for fine motor skills!


Throughout our morning together there was lots of exploring to be done as children discovered all the wonderful things to play with and do in our classroom. We wrapped up the day with more exploration outside, where children had the opportunity to plant flowers for their special Shabbat tables at home.

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